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Oral Architecture & Engineering  is  a  boutique architecture, engineering, and property development enterprise committed to natural living and innovative design aiming to become a property development and management brand in lifestyle property market, focusing on employing the best in design and service to build an international following.

We have successfully developed Deger Residences ,  city-center residential properties  in Nisantasi, Istanbul  which we own and operate. Furthermore, we own and operate Palivor Farm and Palivor Yesilce, rural  natural living development near Turkish Bulgarian border in Kırklareli, Turkey.

Deger Residences  is focused on increasing demand from upscale patrons who require luxury living environs combined with thoughtful aesthetic realization. Design, therefore, is an integral facet of the our  philosophy and guides the spirit of Deger Residences. Service is fundamental to the offering, and under this umbrella comes unique amenities, privacy, comfort, 24-hour access, technology and exclusive privileges.

With these qualities in mind, Deger Residences  aim to provide the most comprehensive luxury living experiences available.

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Ihalamur Yolu No: 16
Nişantaşı Istanbul