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Residences Guideline

We consider it paramount to share specific details about our hotel to elevate the comfort level of our guests’ stay.

  1. Our residences have been  duly authorized for short-term rental by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, under the document dated 07.03.2024 with the reference number 34-1. Guests must present identification, such as a passport or ID card, upon entry to the premises.
  2. Throughout the duration of your stay, you are granted complimentary use of in-suite amenities including the refrigerator, washing machine, iron, ironing board, dishwasher, oven, hair dryer, air conditioning units, and Wi-Fi access. Removal of towels, hangers, and remote controls from the Residence is strictly prohibited. Guests are to ensure no damage is caused to any electrical appliances or furniture. Any such damage or theft will obligate the guest to remit a fee as determined by Deger 16.
  3. Check-in at Deger 16 is slated for 15:00 on your day of arrival, with check-out scheduled no later than 12:00 on the day of departure. Altering these times will be subject to additional charges and contingent upon availability.
  4. The accommodation fee is to be settled in full upon arrival at Deger 16, with the option of a single payment either by cash or credit card. We provide a standard provision of towels, sheets, pillows, and covers matching the number of guests. Should you require additional towels, sheets, or bedding, please request these from the reception at no extra charge. However, services such as Residence cleaning and linen changes are subject to additional fees set by Deger 16
  5. During your use of the facilities, compliance with building and fire safety regulations is expected, as is avoidance of any hazardous activities. Loud television or music within Deger 16 is strictly forbidden. Those who disrupt the tranquility or violate the peace will have their association with our establishment terminated without a refund.
  6. We kindly urge you to observe the maximum occupancy limit: four persons in a 1+1 Residence (excluding children under 3), six in a 2+1 Residence, and up to eight in a 3+1 Residence , respectively.
  7. Cots for infants aged 0-3 are provided complimentary, and the provision of additional beds is subject to availabilityShould you wish to utilize dry cleaning services or the gym during your stay, please consult the reception for details regarding the associated costs and terms of use.
  8. For grocery requests, please inform the reception. Your purchases will be processed based on a predetermined list provided to you and are to be fulfilled within 24 hours, subject to a fixed service fee as defined by Deger 16, payable by yourself.
  9. Deger 16 does not offer a private parking area; nevertheless, a paid public parking facility is conveniently available near the premises for our guests.While quite and amicable pets are permitted, Deger 16 assumes no responsibility for any lost money, belongings, or valuables. It is compulsory to return the Residence keys upon check-out. Failure to return the keys will result in the guest agreeing to pay a predetermined fee by Deger 16