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Services  Guidelines 

  1. 24/7 Reception Staff:  A receptionist is available at the building entrance around the clock to provide continuous service.
  2. 24/7 Security Personnel: The building is constantly monitored by security personnel, emphasizing security services with a camera system housed in our security room.
  3. 24/7 Housekeeping/Cleaning Service: Subject to extra charge and 24 hours notice, all our short-term rental customers can receive  cleaning services provided by our staff. Our personnel  can handle bed, room, sheet, and bathroom cleaning services. Bath and face towels are provided in the bathrooms for the number of guests staying.
  4. 24/7 Food Service: All residences are equipped with kitchens, kitchenware, and service materials. Guests have everything needed for home cooking in full working order within their residences. If desired, food orders can be arranged for our guests. Food service is charged separately from the accommodation fee.
  5. 24/7 Shopping Service: Shopping services requested by our guests are fulfilled by our staff, with the shopping list and payment provided by our customers.
  6. Laundry Service in Our Building: Subject to additional charge, we offer  laundry service within the premises. Each residence also has a washing machine. Our Laundry Room are stocked with enough bedding, duvets, pillows, sheets, piques, towels, and pillowcases for each residence.
  7. Music and Lounge in Our Building: Guests can enjoy private moments in the lounge with a music room available within the building.
  8. Dry Cleaning Service:Guests  can receive dry cleaning services at favorable prices from our contracted dry cleaning company. Items requested for dry cleaning are collected from and delivered back to the guests.
  9. Gym Service: Upon request, guests can receive gym services at favorable prices from our contracted gyms. Entry cards are provided by us, and the fee is added to the accommodation charge.
  10. Safe Residence: Smoke detectors are installed in all rooms (except bathrooms and toilets). Additionally,  fire extinguishers are provided in each residence beyond those in the corridors of each floor. Escape route diagrams are also located behind each residence’s entry door. Moreover, as a legal requirement, all guest information is recorded in the Guest Information System (KBS).
  11. Capacity: The occupancy for 1+1 residences is 4 people, excluding children under 3 years old. For 2+1 residences, it is 6 people, excluding children under 3 years old. For 3+1 residences, it is 8 people, excluding children under 8 years old. Appropriate beds are available according to the number of occupants in the rooms. All details related to the residences can be found on the Deger 16 Residences page.
  12. Satellite and Internet: Guests in all residences enjoy free wireless internet service. Digital satellite and cable broadcasting services are also provided free of charge in all residences.
  13. Check-In/Check-Out Rules: Guests can check in after 15:00 on their arrival day and must do so by 19:00 at the latest. On the departure day, check-out cannot be later than 12:00. After taking over the residences, all cleaning services are performed, and the residences are made ready for the next guest, adhering to hygiene rules, with all sheets and towels changed. Maximum importance is given to guests adhering to the check-in/check-out rules.